Nothing Says Swag like a Lavender Sweater

/ Friday, February 10, 2012 /
So I told myself I'd be better about updating this blog but it seems like that hasn't actually been the case. Between my laptop charger nearly catching on fire, Aunt Flo coming to visit, and a mess of back-to-school viruses attacking my body I haven't been so inclined to 'dressing up,' so I've taken to wearing my jeans and big, baggy 80s sweaters, and after spending much of the week lying on my bed with a heating pad and a bag of chips, I think I can now consider those fashion accessories as well. I am the epitome of style.

Pikachu says hi.

 There will be more posts once I fully recover. Probably. Hopefully.


  1. Look at that Pikachu though :D

    Feel better soon, you lavender sweater is perfect :D

  2. i love the picture with your jumper and pikachu! hope you get better soon xxx

  3. That jumper is awesome. And in the thumbnail, it looked like Pikachu was hugging you. So sweet!

  4. Love your blog, check mine and we can follow each other if you like :)

  5. That jumper is amazing!!

    Annest X




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