You're sure to do impossible things, if you follow your heart!

/ Thursday, January 26, 2012 /
Today was the second day of new semester classes, and since yesterday didn't go exactly as planned (long story short: I can't get into the class I wanted to get into) I decided to start today off fresh with a nice outfit. It must have helped my spirits, because today's classes were much better. I'm really excited for my classes: one is a Japanese linguistics class and the other is a leadership course. Fun stuff.

I've really taken to wearing a lot of black and white lately, especially now that it's winter. It's become something of my signature style, I guess? But it's such a nice combination! I suppose it could get boring, but I love mixing prints and patterns like I've done here with hearts and bows, so I don't see it getting dull for me any time soon.

I recently rewatched a childhood classic: Thumbelina. It was seriously my favorite movie growing up. One of my favorite songs in the film is the swallow Jacquimo's song, "Follow Your Heart." So when I remembered I had this shirt in my closet I had to pull it out. Of course, the best song in the film is "Let Me Be Your Wings," but I don't have a shirt that says that haha. Don Bluth's movies were all so amazing. I hope the rumors that he's going to make a new film in the near future are true.

I'm experimenting a little tonight with how I take photos. I think my previous pictures suffered a little for too much flash... I know I know, flash bad, but it's a bit hard to get proper lighting in my dorm room. This picture still ended up having more shadows than I wanted, but I think it's an improvement on my past photos! I'm gonna tweak some things and try to get even better in my next set of pictures. I didn't want to worry this one too much, though, or else I'd be taking and editing photos all night. Also how do you like my make-shift coat rack in the back there? That window ledge is seriously the best thing.

I did my make up a little today, so here's a picture of it, including parts of my messy room and my hello kitty covered fridge. She's currently wearing a winter coat since, well, it's winter.


  1. I love this outfit too! Is that a heart printed short? ♡_♡

    I also hang up hangers like that all over my place!

    1. Thanks! It's actually a skirt but with the way it clings to my legs it almost could be a pair of shorts. It's really cute but with tights it's a static-cling-king so I just let it do what it wants haha.

      I never seem to be content with just putting things in my closet even if I have the room. My hangers and clothes inevitably end up in various corners of the room. I'm not the neat type at all.




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