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/ Sunday, November 6, 2011 /
Wow, it has been a while since I actually blogged. I can't even blame it on the crazy snowstorm we had last weekend, since I wasn't posting before then and I haven't posted since. I've even had photos to post, but I just haven't felt much like blogging.

Last weekend we had a freak snowstorm that knocked out our power for a few nights. There were still leaves on the trees, so all the snow weighed them down and branches started to fall from the weight. I was out in the middle of the storm and almost got hit way too many times. In the aftermath there were trees and branches down all over campus. They still haven't been able to clean up all the debris.

Shirt, Jacket, Skirt: Forever21
Headband: Icing

Lately I've been forgoing my skirts for jeans, again. I'm trying to get out of this habit but I keep on falling into it, ahh. I think that a lot of it has to do with the weather changes. First it's cold, then it's warm, then it's cold again! New England weather is too bipolar. It really discourages me from dressing nice. I just want to curl up in my bed and sleep, not get dressed to go out. Alsas, class awaits.

In an attempt to shed my jeans-wearing self, I've turned to my other form of comfort dressing: black and white clothing. I absolutely love this color combination, since it's so easy to put together. I have a lot of black and white clothing in my wardrobe, and it all pretty much goes together so coordinating is easy. It's a bit of a cop out for me, but the end result is nice and polished, in my mind anyway.

This is also one of my few outfits that doesn't have anything thrifted. I'm not really a huge fan of fast fashion retailers, since so much of the clothing just falls apart. I had a shirt rip right up the armpit the other day! I had barely even worn it. There's also the ethical issues involved. But sometimes I cave and take a look through the sales racks. I do like a lot of the things I find. My favorite part about searching sales racks is finding all the little gems people have overlooked. It's very similar to the feeling I get while looking through all the racks of a thrift store to get that one amazing find. Of course nothing will ever beat that great thrifting find, especially if it's some nice vintage clothing. It's sad that that quality of clothing doesn't always happen nowadays. I wonder if clothing from now will someday become vintage or if it will all have disintegrated by then? I'm sure some will still be around, but I don't know if the current thrifting and vintage trend will continue, especially if the economy ever recovers and people get enough disposable income to be able to buy everything new.

I'll hopefully be posting a few more posts over the next week, since I have other outfit photos queued up. I've just been extremely lazy in actually posting.


  1. Whoa! Adorable! I think I may I have to get out my favorite tutu and put a big ribbon on it now :D

  2. @Charlie: Thanks =D I really wish the bow wasn't attached to the skirt, it's definitely cute and I want to wear it as a belt with so many things! Maybe I'll find one somewhere else.

  3. That's sooo nice! I love the collar on your top!

  4. oh that tulle skirt is too brilliant to be true.

    xx //

  5. Ahh, that snowstorm was crazy! And now it's beautiful and sunny. Bipolar, indeed. ;) I love your skirt. I'm such a sucker for all things tulle. I really like how you combine pieces as well. You have a great eye. :)




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