Minty Bears

/ Saturday, October 22, 2011 /
I can't sleep so instead I'm going to post outfits at 4 in the morning! Went to hang out with my friends tonight for what I thought was going to be a couple of hours which instead turned into around five. I'm happy though, since I'm usually a total recluse. I'm definitely using this year to get out of my shell a bit!

T-shirt: Delia's
Cardigan: Gap (Thrifted)
Skirt: Delia's
Shoes: N/A

Went for some mint touches today. There really is not enough mint in my wardrobe. Or lavender. I need to change both of these things and add more pastels! I forgot to take a close up today, but this shirt is one of my favorites now. You can't read it since the shirt is creased, but it says "Bear Thug" across the front, a play on 'bear hug.' I guess that's what it means when you cover a teddy bear in tattoos.

Also yes, it is a little past the time for completely bare legs, but my friends live just downstairs so I didn't have far to go. Is it cheating if I technically don't wear the outfit "out?" Hahah.


  1. I love your outfits : 3 They always are really cute ^^

  2. The top is cute :D hehe, and four in the morning is the best time to blog!

  3. @Caroline Ergy Erg : Thanks! And hah I wonder about that... I think that if I blog too late I may say something I'll regret haha.

  4. I love your blog!! Thanks for commenting on my blog :)
    I just started blogging too but i think you have a greatt style!!

  5. Yay, you look so adorable! I definitely agree with adding more mint colours to one's wardrobe. I have a hard time using anything pastel-coloured that isn't pink but mint has really charmed me lately :D

    I also post outfits of things I'm only wearing inside (or just go outside in for five minutes) because I'm a total recluse too haha :D

  6. Such a cute outfit, I adore your top, the style is super adorable <3

  7. @Eline: I have a hard time using pastel-colored ANYTHING, even though I think that pastel colors actually look pretty good on me. It's just hard for me to get out of my comfort zone and wear things a little different. I also want to add lavender to my wardrobe but really haven't found that many good pieces yet.

    Yqay, recluses unite!




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