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/ Thursday, October 6, 2011 /
Sweater: Vintage, tag says Go Nitty by ATM (From Sweet Shop Vintage)
Skirt: Target

After putting things off for more than a month, I've finally decided to start up this blog. I still haven't fully finished it though, so please pardon the dust.

I've been wanting to create a personal style blog for a while, but just never quite seemed to get around to it. I'm also still battling with my self-confidence, so that's a large part of it as well. But with the encouragement of friends I've decided to start getting this going. Because if I don't do it today, then when will I?

I've been thinking a lot lately about today, but also tomorrow. I'm currently a senior in college, soon to graduate into a world that offers me little prospects or hope. Or, so I thought. But with the recent protests on wall street, I feel strangely relieved. I'm starting to feel like I'm not alone anymore or, to be more accurate, that I was never alone. When I named this blog a month ago I did so in the hopes that through blogging I would find other people like me, with similar style aesthetics. But now I'm hoping more to connect with other people, because it's through connections that we're strongest.

I don't know what the future holds for me right now. What I really want to do now is work towards opening my own vintage or thrift shop. I don't know whether or not that will become a reality, but for the moment that's what I wish to pursue and with the job market as it is I figure it's as good of a pursuit as any. But no matter what, I hope that my future will be filled with others. Because I am not the only one, and neither are you.


  1. Owning your own thrift shop sounds like such a great idea, I hope it works out! Your jumper is amazing, really cute outfit!

  2. @Alix: Thank you! And I really hope it works out too. It definitely won't be an easy task and it will take me time to get there, but I want to at least make a go at it. Then I won't have any regrets even if it doesn't work out. I also figure it will give me experience in retail management which would be a good skill to have.

  3. This outfit is so amazing I can't even ;_; Tartan and cat sweater!

    And yes, connecting to others is a very beautiful thing and it makes people stronger as a group but through connections people also get stronger as individuals due to other perspectives etc. etc. Blogging is just one awesome part of that. Welcome to the blogosphere, I'm keeping my eye on you :D

  4. @Eline: Thank you so much! Hah, when I first put it on I was like "what am I doing" but the combination actually turned out pretty well. I'm happy with it.

    Yeah, I'm hoping to gain insight into other perspectives in the blogosphere and I feel like I'm already doing that. I've been going around trying to discover new blogs and it's been really fun! Everyone has such a different outlook on style, life, etc. It's really exciting to be a part of that. I'm finding that it's really different to be engaged in blogging with others, rather than just looking at blogs for inspiration like I had mostly been doing before. I like the dialogue that's being created already. I wish I had gotten into this sooner!




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