Heart Explosion

/ Monday, October 10, 2011 /
T-shirt: n/a
Skirt: Bodyline
Headband: Claires
Shoes: n/a

More awkward posing from me! I am trying my best to get more natural but it's difficult. My smile always looks strained. Maybe I should look up some tips on photographing yourself. Sigh.

Man, this shirt is so old! It's so old that I don't remember where I got it from at all, and the label is in Chinese I believe, although right below it it says "made in USA." Hah, talk about flipping things around!

I'm currently working on a post about 'childish' dressing, feminity, and feminism sparked by Eline's excellent post, Antifeminist Frills. It's become really long already and I'm still trying to sort out my ideas in a coherent manner, so I don't think I'll be posting it tonight, but in the spirit of my post I decided to wear something overtly childish in its themes and I think I definitely accomplished that, with the bright colors and the hearts. Even so, I don't feel "childish" in this. These kinds of clothes make me feel cute, but they don't suddenly turn me into a five year old. I was reading a blog the other day about the new Hello Kitty x Forever21 line coming out soon and so many of the comments scoffed at it as something only for children, and began to directly attack people who would choose to wear it. It's something I'm used to and you sort of just have to get over it and hold your head up, but it does get discouraging. And I don't get it anywhere near as much as, say, girls who dress in lolita do. I tried to dress in lolita once, but I couldn't take the pressure. Also it was too hot. But more on all of that in a later post!

To conclude this post, I have a friend who's auditioning for the Glee Project and he could really use your vote! Just click on the thumbs up button. Thanks! Also, clothing made from milk. You learn something new every day.

edit: I keep forgetting titles.


  1. I lovvve that top, and all of your skirts are awesome. The look is quite fantastical!

  2. @Amanda: Thank you! I love skirts and have way too many haha. I'm getting the wear out of them now before this warm weather goes away and it gets too cold. Although I do wear them during the winter as well, layering tights is your friend.

  3. I'm glad to hear you do! and agreed,layering tights IS your friend haha.

  4. YAY

    You look super adorable! :D

  5. That article is really interesting. I agree with what you say about dressing 'childish'. A man who dresses in 'woman' clothes is not turned into a woman. It's just what they choose to wear and I think that's the stance people should have. Cute skirt! :))

  6. @Born for Joy: Thank you! I definitely agree with you on that point, but it's sad that there's such a stigma for men against wear women's clothes, or even any type of clothing that may appear feminine, such as pink shirts or a frilly shirt. It's like being perceived as a woman is the worst thing that could ever happen to a man... it's really disheartening =( Likewise for a woman there's a battle on both sides. If you dress too feminine OR too masculine you could be ridiculed for it. You really can't win. So I guess I don't even try haha.




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